Windshield Ice Scraper


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Windshield Ice Scraper


. Scraping surface to remove ice, snow etc.
. Double scraping action, that’s really efficient.
. Clearing windows is faster than a traditional ice scraper.
. Comfortable to grip, so it becomes to be easy to scrape even the frozen frost.
How to use:

It is mainly used for breaking ice and snow on car window glass when it is cold in winter.
Just put the cone scraper on your car windshield and move it in a circular motion to remove the ice, frost and snow will be removed with incredible ease.
The top of the conical scraper is removable and has space inside to prevent the ice from splashing.

Color: black, blue, green, red
Material: plastic
Dimensions: conical diameter 12.5 cm/4.92″, height 10 cm/3.94″

Package included:    

1 * Ice Scraper


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