Scratch Repair Paint Pen


  • Black H-01
  • Black pearl H-04
  • Deep blue pearl H-17
  • Diamond Silver H-02
  • Dreamlike Golden H-35
  • Elegant Grey H-28
  • Green Pearl H-32
  • ICE Bule Azure h-22
  • Light Silver H-11
  • Red H-15
  • Red pearl H-03
  • Silver Grey H-14
  • Titanium silver H-08
  • White H-07
  • White pearl H-12
  • Other Color (Pls Specify in Order Remarks)
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 Scratch Repair Paint Pen


Point pen design prevent  overflow or wastage
Non-toxic, Permanent, Odorless
It can resist water
Easy to use
Volume: 12 ml

How to use:

1 Clean the affected area from dirt, oil or wax and rub with fine sandpaper

2 Confirm the paint matching color at some hidden area as inside door gaps etc

Shake the pen about 40 times before use it

4 Apply paint once and let it dry, If result is not satisfactory then re-apply until it hides the scratch. It is a good idea to cover the surrounding area with paper tape etc.

5 Polish the affected area after a week with fine sandpaper until it is smooth and even with paint surface.

6 Apply wax on it


Keep it away from your children and fire
Keep it upward after use
Easy to dry, please tighten the cap after using the pen
Clean the scratch area before use
Remove the wax of the scratch area
Remove the iron rust
Shake the pen well about 40 times before using
Please use in sunny days to ensure product effectiveness


Package Contents:
1 x Auto Paint Pen

If your required color is not in the list, please specify in order remarks, we will deliver the closest match to you.


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