Scratch Repair Liquid


  • 20ml
  • 50ml
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 Scratch Repair Liquid

This scratch removal liquid can remove minor scratches and swirl marks from the paint surface of your car, It also restores car original paint glass by minimizing the oxidation effect on the paint.

For Slight Scratches: This product is excellent and these scratches will be removed just by applying and rubbing with hand only.

For Siddle Scratches: You have to use a polishing machine with this product to remove middle-level scratches where the primer surface is not revealed yet.

For Deep Scratches:  For scratches where the paint layer has been removed and the primer layer is visible, this product will have little effect, instead, you must use our other product. Click the below link.

How to use:
1. Clean and dry the affected area of car paint
2. Apply scratch repair liquid with a microfiber towel or sponge and rub hard at the scratches until the scratch disappears.
3. Wash with clean water.

Packing Includes:

1*Paint Scratch Repair Agent

Packing Choice: 20ml, 50ml


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