Head up display

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 Head UP Display


  • Wire or Wireless: have wire
  • Size Name: 80x40x12mm
  • Rated Power: 12V 150mA
  • Applicable models: support  all cars having OBD2 port
  • Screen Type: LED
  • Screen size: 3.5 inches
  • Appearance Size: 80 X 45 X 13 (mm)
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 0.3 (Kg)

Package Included:

  1. 1 x Car HUD Head Up Display
  2. 1 x Transfer Cable with Manual Switch
  3. 1 x User Manual
  4. 1 x case

Installation Process

Step 1: Keep the car park and plug the OBD line into the car’s OBD port
Step 2: Start the car
Step 3: Plug the other side of the OBD line into HUD
Normal mode:
Scroll down: Switch the display (Speed,Water temperature and voltage)
Scroll up: Over-speed alarm Settings
Press and hold: Start setting mode
Setting mode:
Scroll down:Add Scroll up: Subtract Pressed inward:Save
Press and hold :Exit setting

Setting mode Introduction


Pressed inward and hold to Start setting mode,after entering the setting mode will display the version number and then enter the settings,at this time can be set up through the wheel up and down key to select other item,pressed inward to enter setting values,through the wheel up and down key to change setting values,pressed inward to return to set items,pressed inward and hold to save and exit the setting mode

1.Switch Metric and Imperial(1-2):The default value is 1,1:Metric,2:Imperial

2.Transport protocol selection(0-11):The default value is 0,0:Auto-Select

3.Select car category:The default value is 1,1:Normal.2:Hybrid or i-Stop

4.Speed calibration(80-120):The default value is 108,Please adjust according

5.Water temperature alarm value(90-130):The default value is 110,Please adjust according to the actual car status.)

6.Brightness(0-7):The default value is 0,0-Automatic Brightness,1-Lowest Brightness,7-Highest Brightness.


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