ELM327 OBD2 Car Diagnostic Tool Bluetooth 4.0

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ELM 327 OBD2 Car Diagnostic Tool Bluetooth 4.0


The diagnostic scanner supports all self-diagnostic O-BD-II systems and their compatible communication protocol detection. Through the link with the car, the relevant data of the car such as: engine speed, coolant temperature, fuel system status, vehicle speed, short-term fuel correction, throttle opening, fault code of the car, etc. They can be reflected on the mobile phone via Bluetooth. It is a very strong and practical diagnostic tool for other devices such as computers, Laptops, Tablets etc.


  1. Improved Hardware: Improved chip supports 9 protocols, more compatibility than other products; we support apple, android, windows systems, high-speed reading and more accurate diagnosis of your car problems. It supports eight languages: German, Italian, French, Spanish, English, Russian, Portuguese and Japanese.
  2. Supports all OBD-II: It supports all OBD-II self-diagnosis systems and their compatible communication protocol detection.
  3. Reads Trouble Codes: Read the general and specific manufacturer’s diagnostic trouble codes and display their definitions (The software contains more than 3,000 fault codes).
  4. Clears Trouble Codes: Clear the fault code and turn off the engine fault alarm indicator i.e Engine Check Light or Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL).
  5. Real-time Data: Read the dynamic flow of engine data in real-time and display in different visual formats.
  6. Wide Compatibility: It is compatible with Windows, IOS and Android operating systems.


  • Type: BT4.0
  • Colour: orange
  • Material: automotive-grade plastic
  • Operating temperature: -40 to 85 degrees Celsius
  • Bluetooth Antenna: internal
  • Power consumption: 0.75 watts (with power switch)
  • Item size: about 45 * 27 * 22mm / 1.77 * 1.06 * 0.87in
  • Package Weight: about 50g / 1.76oz
  • Package size: about 80 * 65 * 35mm / 3.15 * 2.56 * 1.18in


The device allows you to perform the following operations:

  1. Read diagnostic trouble codes, generic and manufacturer-specific, and show their meaning (More than 3000 generic code definitions in the database).
  2. Clear the trouble codes and turn off the MIL (“Check Engine” light)
  3. Shows the current sensor data, including:
    1. Engine RPM
    2. Calculated load value
    3. Coolant temperature
    4. Status of the fuel system
    5. Vehicle speed
    6. Short term fuel adjustment
    7. Long term fuel adjustment
    8. Pressure intake manifold
    9. Timing Advance
    10. Intake air temperature
    11. Airflow rate
    12. Absolute throttle position
    13. Oxygen sensor voltages / associated short-term fuel fittings
    14. The State fuel system
    15. Fuel pressure

And many others…

Supported Operating systems:

  • Windows
  • Android
  • IOS

Compatible Software / Apps :

  • MS Window : ScanMaster-ELM,, PCMSCAN.
  • Android : Torque, dashcombat, EO-BD.
  • IOS: OBD car doctor, dashcommon, EO-BD.

Support O-BD-II Protocol:

  1. SAE J1850 PWM (41.6 Kbaud)
  2. SAE J1850 VPW (10.4 Kbaud)
  3. ISO9141-2 (5 baud init 10.4 Kbaud)
  4. ISO14230-4 KWP (5 baud init 10.4 Kbaud)
  5. ISO14230-4 KWP (quick start, 10.4 Kbaud)
  6. ISO15765-4 can (11bit I-D 500 Kbaud)
  7. ISO15765-4 can (29bit I-D 500 Kbaud)
  8. ISO15765-4 can (11bit I-D 250 Kbaud)
  9. ISO15765-4 can (29bit I-D 250 Kbaud)

How to connect the Bluetooth 4.0 :

Some customers have feedback that our products will not connect IOS/Android via Bluetooth, please follow the below-given connection method.

  1. Install this device at the OBD2 connector of your vehicle while the engine is turned off.
  2. Turn on the engine.
  3. Open the Bluetooth setting on your mobile / laptop, Just turn on the Bluetooth and do not connect the device to the Bluetooth.
  4. Open the software / App (like AUTO Doctor)
  5. Open the software’s or App’s settings page, Select Bluetooth connection and close the software / app.
  6. Reopen again software / app and it will automatically connect to the device, Everything will be OK

Packing List:

  • 1 * Diagnostic Scanner
  • 1 * User Manual (CD / Booklet)


Q: Will this show real-time oil temperature?

A: Yes, It works very well for this purpose, it shows real-time oil temperature and many other readings, you will love this product and you can recommend this to anyone looking for a scanner.

Q: Is the app free for IOS or android? Does it reset the check engine light?

A: This device doesn’t come with app, there are many compatible apps on IOS and android store. Some are free and some are paid and some require monthly subscription too. The ‘Torque Lite’ app for Android and ‘Car Scanner’ app for IOS are free and these will read and/or clear the fault codes (turns off check engine light) too.

Q: Will it drain my battery if the car is off?

A: This device consumes a very small amount of energy, but please note that it is a testing /diagnosing device and it does not require to be installed on the car all the time. When you’re done, you need to remove it.

Q: If there are any IOS apps that will work with this obd2 scan tool? I want an app that shows a “dashboard” type display.

A: Yes there are apps which are totally free (such as “Car Scanner” or “Auto Doctor” App) for basic features, such apps will display your car’s data in the form of a dashboard, however, they will charge for advanced features.

Q: I am unable to connect this device through Bluetooth to my IOS phone?

A: Please follow the step by step procedure given in product description, It will connect immediately.

For the mobile phone with IOS program, you don’t need to open the Settings of the mobile phone, simply enter the Bluetooth connection and just turn on the Bluetooth, and then enter the APP interface; the APP will automatically connect to OBD Bluetooth

Q: Do I need to buy anything else to work with this device?

A: Not at all. Just download the free app (and for advanced functions a paid app) there is no need to purchase any other device.

Q: Is/are the apps needed for this device free or do they cost extra?

A: You can get a free one but there is also one you can buy.

Q: Will this device work on my old model car?

A: If it has an OBDII port, yes.

Q: Does this device scan for all codes?

A: Yes, It will scan all the codes. You may have to purchase a paid app for advanced functions and diagnosis.

Q: When the unit is unplugged from the port, must it be paired again to the phone when plugged in again?

A: It depends on your phone and how you set up your phone’s Bluetooth. If the Bluetooth connection is automatic, after the first connection, will be automatically connected to open later.

Q: Can you change the language to Spanish?

A: Yes. It supports eight languages: German, Italian, French, Spanish, English, Russian, Portuguese and Japanese.

Q: Will this device support to my 2006 Jeep?

A: This obd2 scanner support all vehicles since 1996 and all makes, Include Jeep, BMW, Chevrolet, Lexus, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Subaru, Mercedes, GM, TOYOTA, Dodge, Chrysler, Mazda, Audi, VW, KIA, Benz, Ford, and more OBD2 vehicles.

Q: Can I get live readings of engine transmission temperature?

A: Yes, it can. Some depend on the app and the vehicle. The scanner is just a communication device between the app and your car’s computer. Some apps do more than others. Also, some vehicles (especially older) expose less info.



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