Car Nano Coating

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 Car Nano Coating


1. Applicable to complete car body, improve the glossy finish and hydrophobic effect so that the body does not have water droplets when it rains.

2. It can effectively prevent scratches. It features long-term protection, water removal and decontamination.

3. Simple operation, just spray and wipe

4. Saves you a lot of maintenance costs and time, you can quickly clean the car.


  • Capacity: 300ml liquid
  • Composition: Nano coating
  • Applicable models: Applicable to the whole car┬ábody, i.e Paint surface, headlights, wheels and plastic parts etc

How to use ?

Clean the car body from any oil, grease, dust or dirt, let the surface dry.

Spray on the body and wipe it after about 20 to 30 seconds with a microfiber towel.

Do not wash the vehicle for 24 hours.

Coating liquid will form a thin glossy layer on car body surface which will last for months. This layer is highly glossy and hydrophobic, it repels water and dirt and keeps the surface always clean.

Note: If your vehicle’s paint has faded or contains swirl marks then get polishing before applying this coating.

300 ml is enough for a sedan car, you may order extra quantity for SUVs or trucks etc.


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