Auto Trunk Lid Lifter Spring


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 Auto Trunk Lid Lifter Spring

Main Features:

HIGH QUALITY: Made of hard solid metal and surface plating process treated, this spring device has high quality, corrosion resistance and very durable in use.

EASY INSTALLATION: Just screw in the keyring into the mounting position and hook on the other end, then adjust the length of the spring according to your need. 

CONVENIENT: With this automatic lifting spring device, you can open your trunk with just a click on the remote, eliminating the need to lift the trunk lid with your hand. 

WIDE APPLICATION: Applicable for most cars with remote open but no automatically lid lifting trunk, with this device, you can enjoy the automatic lid lifting trunk too.



1. If your car has the trunk remote control function, but the lid will not be raised automatically, you can add this spring. After installation, the lid will be automatically raised when you open it, eliminating the need to lift the case with bare hands. 

2. If your car does not have trunk remote control, please do not buy this spring

3. If you only use this spring, you can also prevent the danger of accidentally hitting your head when the cover is lifted.

4. If your car’s trunk lid is too heavy, use 2 pieces instead of a single one. For usual cars, only one spring is required. It is recommended to buy 2 pieces, which can be installed as needed.

5. When installing, please complete one and test the effect. If it can be opened to 1/2 height, it is enough. It is not recommended to fully pop up.

6. Applicable to the most car, the angle can be adjusted at will, the height of the lifting box is as high as you want!

7. Don’t use at trunks with hydraulic sport rods.


Material Type: Metal
Item Weight: 130g
Item Height: 2 inches
Item Width: 2.5 inches

Car Model 1: For Volkswagen VW For Toyota For Mercedes Benz For Audi For Alfa
Car Model 2: For Lada For Peugeot For SEAT For Citroen For Acura For Renault
Car Model 3: For Skoda For KIA For Honda For Ford For Suzuki For Fiat For Mazda
Car Model 4: For Nissan For Opel For Dodge For Jeep For Chery For VOLVO For Lifan


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